Hi, I’m Susan 苏雨珊! ‍

Welcome to my personal page, where I post random life updates, hopefully-not-so-cringey writings, and attempt to Be Productive after spending a year having way too much fun.

I am a student at MIT studying mechanical engineering with a focus on biological engineering and global development (a.k.a. “2A 20+DLab”) and a concentration in public policy. I was recently an undergraduate researcher at the Therapeutic Technology Device & Development Lab of the Institute for Medical Engineering & Science, developing a mock circulatory flow loop for intracardial therapy. In the past, I have designed neural probes for brain-machine interfacing at Tsinghua University, researched non-invasive ways to detect lung cancer at the MIT Koch Institute, and prototyped an automated microfluidic pressure controller in Singapore.

In my spare time, I cook a lot of broccoli, run/bike around Boston (and rate its bike lanes), consume all the Asian-American media I can get my hands on, and listen to random songs from the 80s.


Technical: biomedical engineering, infectious diseases, microfluidics, nanotechnology, user-centered design

Non-technical: global health, international development, social/political activism, women’s rights, independent art spaces

Miscellaneous: tennis (my favorite player is Petra Kvitova!), coffee, exploring Cambridge’s bougie brunch selections, bartending, writing dystopian fiction (& overly-sentimental blogs), and long stretching routines

Hit me up if you are interested in discussing any of the above!

Fun Facts
  • Fave coffee order: dark roast cold brew with a splash of coconut milk 🙂
  • Fave coffee to make: any coffee cocktail really, but also cappuccinos because milk is fun to froth
  • My writings include an obnoxious amount of parenthesis
  • Halloween is my favorite holiday

Feel free to reach out via suasn@mit.edu. Ciao.