Hi, I’m Susan! ‍

Welcome to my personal page, where I post random life updates, hopefully-not-so-cringey writings, and attempt to Be Productive as I wander about for the next few months (years?).

I recently graduated from MIT with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on biological engineering and global development (a.k.a. “2A 20+DLab”), and a humanities concentration in public policy. This fall, I will be working in Sierra Leone on infrastructure development for the National Rehabilitation Centre Clinic with the MIT Yang Center for Bionics.

I enjoy seeking out experiences that challenge my perspective of the world, and one of my biggest fears is to live a boring life. In my spare time, I like to run/bike around the city (and rate its bike lanes), solo travel, write dystopian fiction (and overly sentimental blogs), and frequent various contemporary art exhibitions.

Some interests

Academic/more technical: bioengineering (esp. biomaterials, assistive tech, & low-cost medical devices), global health, public policy, social entrepreneurship, open-source technologies, co-design, social activism (particularly in Asia), US-China relations

Miscellaneous: tennis (my favorite player is Petra Kvitova!), coffee, bartending & mixology, creative writing, contemporary Chinese theater, public art, and long stretching routines

Hit me up if you are interested in discussing any of the above!

And some fun facts…
  • I’m currently interning in Paris for the summer! (and exploring various European cities on the weekends)
  • One of the best experiences of my life was bartending at a Chinese theater during a gap year
  • I once spontaneously flew to Hawaii to work on a tropical fruit farm
  • I collect weird earrings and vintage postcards from Asia
  • Halloween is my favorite holiday

Feel free to reach out via suasn@mit.edu. Ciao.